An interesting "situation" unfolded at a Kingston, New York park earlier this week involving two kids who got stuck in the baby swings.

If you've ever spent a day at the local park in your neighborhood you know that most parks have a playground area that kids and adults can play on while they enjoy the day. There are a few playground staples that most Hudson Valley parks have including a couple of slides, a set of monkey bars, and a seesaw, some even have standalone structures that kids can run and climb on.

Those are all "must-haves" but there's one thing every playground has to have and that's a good, big set of swings!

Swing Set

Swings Are Fun if Used Properly

Most swing sets have a few swings that almost everyone can fit on and swing on. Picture the last playground you played on, which probably looked similar to the one above. Most larger humans understand that the swings on the left are designed for us to use and the swing on the right is designed for small infants and toddlers.

It's not rocket science but apparently, a couple of teenagers in Kingston didn't get the memo that if you stuff yourself into a baby swing you might not be able to get out.

Block Park Kingston New York
Google Maps

Kids Get Stuck in Baby Swings in Kingston, New York

A swing rescue situation unfolded at Block Park on Abeel Street in Kingston earlier this week when two teenagers got stuck in the baby swings at the popular park.

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According to the City of Kingston Fire Department (KFD) Facebook page firefighters were dispatched to Block Park for two teenage children stuck in hard plastic baby-style swings on Monday. As firefighters arrived on the scene they discovered two teens stuck in the swings.

Swing Rescue in Kingston
City of Kingston Fire Department/Facebook

It took responding firefighters about fifteen minutes to remove the teens from the swings, with both unidentified patients being treated on the scene by Kingston paramedics and released.

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Is anyone else picturing the tongue stuck to the pole scene from the holiday classic movie "A Christmas Story"? KFD didn't say if either of the teens were "double dog dared" to get into the swings or not.

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