I love anything that applies to the sun, moon, and stars. I admit that I’m totally into astrology as well. When Mercury retrograde rolls around, some folks are prepared to hold onto their seat and wonder if its going to be a bumpy ride. There are other people who don’t believe in it at all, which is okay.

Mercury retrograde can have a bad rap overall. Some folks claim that wild things happen during the time and this time only. I admit that I have saw a lot of interesting events take place during this retrograde but there are also benefits. Believers feel that they almost feel like they have more energy and accomplish more. Sometimes people feel that communication is misunderstood during this time and that technology can be unpredictable.

Do you know anything about Mercury retrograde? Before I saw things with my own eyes, I thought that all of this was a little crazy. I’m here to say that I believe it and understand so much now, wisdom is power.

From a scientific point of view, Mercury retrograde can be thought of as an illusion of the planet moving backwards out of its alignment. However, it seems that Mercury is moving slower than the Earth is around the Sun. Typically, this change in course happens 3-4 times a year (depends if you’re really counting).

We are currently in Mercury retrograde until February 21,2021. This will then occur again in May and in September.

It is said that depending on your zodiac sign, Mercury retrograde could affect you or not so much. Please tell me that you know your zodiac sign!

What do you think about Mercury Retrograde, is this fact of fiction? I would love to hear your responses below.

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