It's May which means we can welcome more wonderful fresh fruits and veggies to our local farm markets. As May closes out and June arrives so many favorites will be available thanks to local farms putting in spring ready crops. The Spruce offers a complete list organized by veggie name followed by which months they are available throughout New York.

In May we get to welcome one of my personal favorites, the New Potato. Small, sweet and delicious feel free to roast them in the oven or on the grill. Or do what I love to do with them, mix them into a delicious salad with fresh herbs. For us "fans of the carb" this little veggie can be the side dish answer to many main dishes. Whether you are cooking fresh Striper from the Hudson or you are grilling a local pork chop or steak adding New Potato salad to the menu gives your meal a spring feel.

Jamie Oliver has three great New Potato Salad recipes ready for your next dinner, picnic or snack.

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