The secret to a great summer salad is that it eats like a meal and keeps you from heating up the kitchen. This doesn't mean that everything you put in your summer salads can't be cooked. Left over stuff from the grill fills out a salad recipe nicely. I find that keeping summer veggies cut up and salad ready makes it easy to throw them together salad for dinner any night.

So what are some of the ingredients I leave in the frig to make fast salad meals? Whenever I grill whether it is beef, chicken or fish I cook an extra piece to slice up for a quick top on a salad. I try to keep veggies sliced and ready to go. Carrots, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes can all be stored as slices or diced and be ready to go straight into a bowl. I also like to keep a block of cheese handy that can be shredded on top. As for lettuce and other greens I don't break those down until I am ready to make a salad. Remember when making a salad there are no rules. Put whatever you like to eat in a bowl with some dressing and you have salad.

Jamie Oliver makes your favorite salad portable.

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