Hudson Valley farm markets are open year round and one of the reasons why is because there are so many delicious fresh veggies you can enjoy during the cold weather. Most of us think of eating farm fresh veggies in the warmer months but it turns out the winter offers a really tasty selection.

In the summer you enjoy farm fresh tomatoes and corn but in January and February I challenge you to try a rutabaga or even a radish. You have probably heard of a parsnip but do you know if you have actually eaten one. The fun thing about eating winter vegetables is all the yummy ways you can cook them, plus it isn't swim suit season so there is no need to count calories.

Putting bacon around brussels sprouts or glazing carrots is all perfectly acceptable when the Hudson Valley temperatures are in the 30's or even 40's. When we dip below freezing feel free to have and extra helping. Browse the recipes we put together for you below. Then make a plan to get to your favorite farm stand or the produce selection at the market and enjoy your winter veggies.


Yummy Ways to Eat Winter Veggies

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