Hot weather means it is time to add all things citrus to our food. Adding oranges, limes, lemons and even grapefruit can take a summer salad or even grilled meats to a new level. Plus they keep meals light and flavorful when it is hot. They also help reduce a few calories during swimsuit season.

The secret to cooking or drinking with citrus is to get all the juice that you can from the fresh citrus fruit. Check out this cool tip that Jamie Oliver has offered.

So what fruits should you use? Let me start by saying I am not a fan of the grapefruit but it goes well in a summer salad. I think I was forced to eat to many grapefruit as a child that were buried in sugar but still tasted bitter. You also have to be careful with grapefruit because it can interact negatively some medications.

Oranges are great in summer beverages like Sangria but they also add a nice pick me up to grilled pork. Lemons work with grilled chicken or fish. And limes are the answer to juicing up a fish taco or topping of a summer margarita.

So head to your local produce supplier and stock up on citrus for the summer and enjoy eating lighter with lots more zesty favor.




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