Members who are vaccinated will no longer need to mask up at these gyms in the Hudson Valley.

If you hated wearing a mask all year long while at a local gym then you don't need to worry about bringing them to certain ones as long as you're vaccinated.

Gyms were sadly one of the first businesses to get closed down during the pandemic. I remember being extremely happy when they reopened but they just weren't the same. I'm not going to argue with the effectiveness of a mask but running for long periods of time at a fast pace with a heavy cloth mask isn't easy. It's not any simpler with a lighter surgical one either.

Gold's Gym in Fishkill announced on their Facebook page that members who have revived a full vaccine and have waited two weeks are able to walk the gym without a mask on. The Gold's Gym location in Newburgh made a similar post. This is effective 5/19.

Powerhouse Gym in Fishkill posted that masks will not be required for members as of 5/19.

All Sport Health and Fitness announced that fully vaccinated members will no longer be required to wear a mask in their club starting on Wednesday 5/19.

According to employees, Planet Fitness will no longer require masks for vaccinated members starting on Wednesday 5/19.

Planet Fitness And The Judgement Free Generation
Tommaso Boddi


The gyms ask members who are not fully vaccinated to continue to wear their masks and look out for other members.

Are you happy to see mask mandates go in the Hudson Valley?

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