I wish that this would happen to me.

A few years ago my wife and I had a conversation that is really similar to this one, with one huge difference, I never won anything.

One day my wife Jamie went into my truck to look for something and found about 50 loser scratch off tickets in between the seats and freaked out on me. She added up how much money I had spent and started to tell what we could have done with that money instead of buying tickets. She made a good point and until today, I really never buy them but maybe this could happen.

According to the Sacramento Bee, a guy named Hermenegildo Beltran-Meza, from California recently had an argument with his wife about how much money he was spending on scratch off tickets. She wanted him to stop buying them and wasting their money. Did he listen? No and it really paid off.

He told the Bee that he would buy some scratch offs and hide in his bathroom at their house and scratch away, usually with no luck most of the time, until last month when he was scratching off a $10 scratcher and realized that he won $1 million dollars.

After collecting himself in the bathroom, he walked out and couldn't wait to tell his wife, “You said I’m never going to win and there I won, there’s proof”.

Now there is no word on how his wife reacted to the news but I would guess she is pretty happy that he didn't listen. I know that if this was me and my wife, she would be happy but at some point I would have to pay for not listening. LOL!

The couple plans on using the winnings to plan to their retirement.

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