Stalking and harassment can be carried in a number of ways from repeated phone calls, to inappropriate emails.

Some stalkers will use their vehicle to park or circle around a target's home or place of employment. In the following alleged case though, residents in one New York state village claim a man has been stalking them from the skies.

And one woman says it's been going on for four years.

New York State Woman Says Man Allegedly Uses Plane to Terrorize Village 

CBS says it began four years ago when a man visited a Schuylerville woman at her café. While he may have started out as a customer, Cassie Wilusz told CBS that he then sent her "unsolicited inappropriate photos" through email. When the café owner said she warned him not to do it again, he took his alleged stalking to the skies.

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Wilusz told CBS that the same man uses his plane to fly over the village of Schuylerville multiple times a week,

When you can watch his plane come from Greenwich direction and fly directly into my residence, a clear direct path to my residence, to circle my residence multiple times, that is harassment at the most purest form.

Village Mayor Daniel Carpenter told CBS that he has "multiple reports with the police", and that the suspect is "terrorizing an entire village" CBS says that the New York State Police and the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office have investigated and "multiple orders of protection" have been granted to Wilusz.

Yet, according to CBS, the fly-overs continue. Wilusz told CBS she wants the Federal Aviation Administration to get more involved, as the issue in question could have to do with height requirements when it comes to defining alleged stalking from the skies.

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