It is a great time of year to make soup. Everyone seems to have some sort of germ. The weather is rainy and cold. Some are saying thank goodness it's not snow but does that really matter? Plus let's face facts we all over ate a bit at the holidays so soup and salad might be a good choice if we are trying to lose the "Winter 10."

I find that creamy soups and stews are great on these soggy damp days. Of course if you have a friend nursing the latest bug you might want to stick to old fashion chicken soup. No matter what type of soup you have this is a great time of year to make your own soup from scratch. It isn't as hard as you think. It's really all about adding flavor. And this would be a good time to reminded you that salt adds flavor but to much salt is not good, it actually takes away from the taste. So careful with the sea salt grind be sure to taste as you go.

This is one of my favorites from Jamie Oliver. Onion soup is good damp weather food.


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