A tragic accident last week has left a Montgomery man severely injured.

This time of year in the Hudson Valley is a popular time for many to cut and split their firewood for the upcoming winter as many houses across the Hudson Valley depend on firewood to heat their homes during the colder months. That's why oftentimes times on weekends you can see a bunch of people outside in their yard chopping and splitting firewood.

Heating your home with firewood can be a cheaper way to stay warm for many but if you do decide to cut and split your wood remember that log splitters can be extremely dangerous and tragic accidents can happen.

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Man Severs Hand With Log Splitter in Montgomery, NY

It was a scary scene back on Friday evening when first responders were called to respond to a log-splitting accident that happened on Albany Post Road at around 6:30 p.m. in the Orange County town of Montgomery.

According to the Town of Montgomery Police Department, a man was outside operating a log splitter when the machine jammed up and stopped working. As the man started to try and clear the jam, the machine unexpectedly activated and resulted in the man's hand being severed from his arm at the wrist according to News 12.

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The injured man was treated at the scene by paramedics and was then airlifted to Westchester Medical Center to receive the specialized care needed to try and save his hand. Montgomery police didn't release the man's name or any other information regarding the accident but did say that they are planning on conducting a full and thorough investigation into exactly what happened surrounding the accident.

When the police investigation is complete and more information becomes available we will update this article.

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