If you are looking for something to do on Sunday once all the Halloween hype has come and gone I may have just the thing. You are going to have an extra hour on your hands which means you could get crazy and try something you may have never done before. Or maybe you have? Do you cook for your pet?

They say there is a National Day for just about everything and I would have to agree because this Sunday November 1st is National Cook for Your Pet Day. That's right this Sunday you could spend your extra hour creating a meal for you and your pets. I will admit I have cooked for my dog a few times.

Once when she was a puppy she had to have a bland diet after a stomach problem and I went right to work making her white rice with boiled chicken. Not my best recipe but she liked it. A few years later when she was older she had a stomach problem again but that time I order the white rice with my Chinese take out but that is another story.

Cooking for your pets is really not that uncommon. More and more people are doing it to avoid the additives in regular dog food. If you are going to cook for your pet you really need to be sure to consult your veterinarian to ensure that what you are making is giving your pet enough nutrition. Also you need to be really careful about certain foods that can be toxic to your pet.

My dog Minnie Pearl has a pasta craving so I will most likely cook her some of that on Sunday. She knows as soon as the water goes on and the box gets opened. We actually ask her if she wants to be Italian and she barks as if to say yes.


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