The City of Kingston and Mayor Noble are hoping to welcome more diverse candidate recruits, so how are they working to make that happen?

How about giving people an opportunity to prepare for the requirements for the Police Academy?

Who is eligible to join this free Officer Prep Academy? Do you have to live in Kingston, NY?

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Anyone who lives in Ulster County can apply for one of the 30 openings in this program. Another requirement is that you need to be at least 18 years of age, as well. There will be preference given to City of Kingston residents.

How often does the Prep Academy meet, and when does it start?

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The officer prep academy will meet every two weeks on Saturday mornings, from 9 AM to noon. The classes will begin on May 7, 2022.

What can the candidates expect to learn from these classes?


While the general goal (according to a press release) is to demystify the entire process of becoming a police officer, the academy will also help potential recruits with the physical demands of the job, interact with other police officers, be given the opportunity to ask any and all questions about the job, etc.

Where will the Prep Academy sessions take place and how can someone apply?

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The Saturday am sessions will take place at Kingston Center at SUNY Ulster located at 94 Mary’s Avenue. To apply, prospective candidates will need to read and download the forms here.

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Prior to Danbury, they robbed banks in Lewisboro, NY, Georgetown, CT and Union, MO. They also killed their father, their grandmother, two other men who helped them pull off the robbery in Georgetown, CT and had, at minimum, a role in the death of an innocent Bridgeport man that they stole a car from. John and James Pardue were hardened criminals before their Danbury bank robbery.

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