For most of us no, but.....

If you're one of those people that have been waiting for someone to tell you that you no longer need to wear a mask in public places, I think that you might want to give up on it because I do think they're here to stay and we just have to take it for what it is.

How many times in the last few months have you gone to head into a store, parked the car, grabbed your wallet or purse, got out of the car and got half way into the store and forgot your mask. I lost count after 30 times, anyway those struggles (LOL) seem like they are with us for the time being as it's now official that wearing a mask doesn't pose any health risks for most of us according to News 10.

So the,"it's bad for my health" excuse to not wear a mask is out the door because most health experts agree that wearing masks or other face coverings in public will and has reduced the risk of spreading COVID-19 when people can’t socially distance.

Experts do say that some people that have other health issues should talk to their doctor about wearing a mask before they put one on and as far as babies and toddlers wearing masks, experts say that they shouldn't wear them because they could suffocate.

Some have said that wearing a mask is no good because using them could cause fungal or bacterial infections, not true according to Davidson Hamer, an infectious disease expert at Boston University.

When choosing the mask you're going to wear, if you go with the disposable face mask, be sure to only use once and then throw it away. If you go with a cloth mask, it's recommended to wash them regularly.

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