I'm not sure if this is something my grandmother made up, or is something you've heard before.

I know that a lot of us have little things that we see, or here throughout our day that we all interpret differently. Are you the type of person that thinks that seeing certain combinations of numbers are a sign of something? Maybe your the type of person that see's something random, and thinks its also a sign of something good or maybe even bad.

Sound familiar? Good then I'm about to ask the right people my question.

Is seeing a cardinal a sign of something? Good luck, a loved one????

When I was younger one thing I remember about my grandma was that she loved to go on long walks, and anytime she would visit, I knew that I would need to go on at least an hour walk with her everyday. When we would walk she would always have something crazy to talk about, so honestly I would always look forward to the walks with her.

While we were walking one day up in Windham, I'll never forget she said something to me that I'm not sure anyone else has ever heard before. I remember it like it just happened, we were walking along, and she saw a bird making noise in a tree that was like 10 feet away from us. She stopped dead in her tracks and pointed the bird out to me and said, "see that, that's your grandfather taking a walk with us".

I responded with a..."WHAT?" She went on to tell me that anytime you see a cardinal bird that its a sign of someone you love who died, showing you that they are with you. Have you ever heard anything like this? Does seeing a cardinal have a hidden meaning?

Melissa texted us that she was always told that if you have a dream about a cardinal, that means that something good is going to happen to you. Is seeing a cardinal a sign of something? Good luck, a loved one???? Let us know through the Wolf app.

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