Anyone remember what used to be here?

I pride myself in saying that I've lived in many parts of the Hudson Valley over the last 25 years. I've called places in Ulster, Orange and Dutchess Counties home over the years, so when it comes to remembering what things used to be in certain locations, I'm pretty good at it.

We've had this conversation a few times in the last few months and every single time I have someone in the car with me some sort of argument breaks out about what used to be at one place or another. This time it happened on my way to DJ a wedding last week in Saugerties.

So me and one of my assistants were diving on Route 9W up through Saugerties when we started to pass this location....

Google Maps
Google Maps

As we drove past I asked him if he remembered what used to be there, he said he didn't, so I thought like I've done many times before with anyone in the car with me, "I'm gonna drop some knowledge on him." I told him that that was once a McDonald's back in the day and of course he had to fight me on it.

He argued that there is know way a McDonald's went out of business. He also said that the shape of the building looks nothing like any McDonalds he's ever seen before. I told him that the main reason it looks different is because it once had a play place in the front and that's why it looks weird.

I should have mentioned that anytime we argue about things, he is one of those people that will never give in. So after trying to convince him that I was right for a few minutes, I gave up and told him that I would bring it up on the radio show and ask you guys whos right!

Did McDonald's call this spot home at one time? If not, what was it? Call or text me through the Wolf app.

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