About a year ago, IKEA issued a statement warning consumers to immediately stop using a line of their MALM Dressers, until they installed the wall anchoring repair kit, due to a tipping hazard. These dressers were 3- and 4- drawer dressers and two styles of their 6-drawer. At the time of last year's warning, 2 children had been killed by the dresser tipping over on top of them.

According to NBC news, a third child has reportedly died and IKEA is issuing a new recall that could number into the millions of units. Dressers purchased even ten years ago could be on that list. Some news outlets are reporting that IKEA will stop manufacturing the MALM line of dressers.

Caution, some viewers may find some of the images in this video disturbing.

IKEA will offer full refunds, or store credit to anyone who purchased one of these dressers. Those details are expected to be released tomorrow by the Consumer Protection Agency and we'll update this article when that information becomes available.

The important thing to do right now, is that if you own one of these dressers, or know someone who does, stop using it immediately. The life of someone you love could be saved.

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