OMG! Heaven!!!!!

If your anything like me, and love any chance you have to eat or drink anything peanut butter and chocolate flavored this "refresher" could possibly change your has mine...LOL! I was on my way home from the radio station the other day and decided to stop at the Stewart's that's conveniently in between my house and work for a quick afternoon snack. I'm the type of person that will sit in the car for a few seconds to plan out what I'm going to get before I go in so I'm not walking around aimlessly.

Sometime I'll grab some of their awesome ice cream, other days it's peanut butter and jelly hard roll sandwich, it all depends on my mood. On this day I sat there and couldn't make up my mind, so I headed in with no plan and started to browse around and THANK GOD I DID!

As I got to the cold coolers in the back of the store, I thought a bottle of chocolate milk might do the trick, so I went to grab one and noticed that they had something I've never seen before. It was Peanut Butter and Chocolate flavored chocolate milk. Being a fan of both, I had to grab it and try it out and I'm sooooo glad I did...LOL!


It definitely lived up to the label, "Refresher" it was really good, to get critic like, the balance of peanut butter and chocolate was perfect for me. At my next stop at Stewart's this summer, I'm going to see if they can make me a milkshake with the milk and vanilla ice cream. That sounds UNBELEIVABLE!

Well done Stewarts's!!!

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