They aren't fragile like the real lamp but they are a bit crumbly but also very delicious.

Many people use the holiday season as an excuse to either bake or eat a ton of Christmas cookies. I love cookies as much as the next person, but you have to admit that traditional Christmas sugar cookies can get old fast. That is unless they taste good and can make you laugh at the same time. If these cookies can bring a smile to your face by just looking at them, then wait until you take a bite.

A local bakery has changed the game when it comes to Christmas cookies. Christmas tree shapes and gingerbread men had better watch out because there's a new holiday cookie sweeping the Hudson Valley.

If you need something to leave out for Santa or maybe you just want to treat yourself, then I might have found the best cookie of the season.

For a limited time, a popular Hudson Valley bakery has brought back one of its holiday favorites. The leg lamp pays homage to one of the best Christmas movies ever made, A Christmas Story. Before you eat them be sure to show them off to your neighbors by displaying them in your windows. It's not just a cookie it's a major award!


You can find these cookies at The Cakery on Main Street in Fishkill.

The Cakery received a lot of attention in October for their exclusive Sanderson Sisters cookies for Halloween.

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