This Wednesday those of us that are less than graceful can breath a sigh of relief. We can laugh and enjoy all our awkward moments. March 18th is National Awkward Moment Day.

In case you are wondering if you have ever had an awkward moment let me help you with the definition I found on the National Days Calendar website. "Awkwardness or embarrassment is defined as an emotional state of intense discomfort with oneself." I myself have experienced this often.

We have all done it. Called someone the wrong name even though we have met often. Tripped over nothing an land in the unflattering pile. One of my classics is wearing the wrong outfit. I may need a personal shopper. But no matter what it is you do that makes you feel awkward, this Wednesday you can celebrate it.

So go ahead and dribble the coffee down the front of your shirt so your are wearing a stain all day. Then make sure you take a picture and share it to social media with #AwkwardMomentsDay. Sadly, no one knows the origin of this day but I wouldn't feel awkward about that fact.

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