It is officially BBQ season on the calendar. Memorial Day weekend has become the weekend all of us in New York turn to outdoor cooking as a regular way of preparing dinner. The key to good grilled food it always fresh ingredients. We are fortunate that here in the Hudson Valley we have access to fresh products from local farms.

Local farm markets are a great place to shop for fruits and veggies that you are thinking of putting on the grill. If you don't have time to get to your local market many of the area grocery stores carry produce from farms. The reason to shop local is not only to help your local farmer but it also means you are eating in season.

So what veggies are in season for your weekend BBQ? According to the Spruce Eats online you have a lot of choices but lets face it they may not be your favorite. Here is what you can look for to add the the ribs and potatoes salad. Arugula, asparagus, chard, fava beans, green onion, various herb including mint, parsley and thyme, lettuce, spinach and my favorite new potatoes which really belong in the potato salad.

Most of the veggies named above can be laid in foil drizzled in olive oil with a skake or tow of you r favorite spice topping wrap and put on the grill to cook. It is a taste late Spring treat which will bring a fresh healthy addition to your spare ribs and burgers.

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