Get ready for all your favorite fruits and veggies. July is here and in New York,  it means everything yummy is in season. Even some of the "good for you" foods take on a whole new flavor in the Summer.

Our Hudson Valley farmer's Market, Farm Markets, and even groceries will be filled with tasty treats that we can only find fresh in season this time of year in New York. Veggies for the BBQ and fruits of delicious desserts. It is going to be a great summer for fresh fruit and vegetables.

What Fruits are in Season in July in New York

Mehriban Aliyeva
Mehriban Aliyeva

So what should you be looking to get that is in season right now in our local farm markets? Basil will be making its entrance just in time for those summer salads with fresh mozzarella cheese and plump tomatoes. Blueberries are going to be following the strawberries as our sweet snack and yummy dessert. Cabbage has been around since June but let's face it isn't BBQ until you throw a heaping spoon of cole slaw on top.

All of those things are synonymous with summer meals but the one July fruit I wait for every year is the Cherries. Eat them plain, put them in a pie or cook them on the grill with your favorite pork ribs. Cherries are the top fruit for me in July. They are the ones that say summer is here.

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There are a lot more fruits and veggies that hit our plate in July. The Spruce Eats has put together a great seasonal list you can follow all year. Another great way to find out what's ready is to just stop into a local market and see for yourself. And FYI I have noticed a lot of corn fields where the corn is already knee-high so it looks like we aren't far from some delicious summer corn for the grill as well.

Hudson Valley Fruit that Works in Sangria

How to Use Fruits in Sangria and Other Fruity Drinks

Not every fruit is suitable for every drink. Common sense will tell you what may or may not work taste wise but what about when you are just throwing some fruit in to add some fun and flavor. This list of fruit comes with some suggestions. And remember most of this fruit can be found seasonally at a Hudson Valley Farm Market. Shop your local farmer.

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