I want to take a moment to put a spotlight on an underappreciated vegatable.It is as veggie that most of us have eaten more times than we can count. Crisp and full of water if it hasn't been left to dry out it is a veggie that is part of something most chefs regard as Mirepoix or the Holy Trinity of food. No not the carrot or the onion. I want to talk celery.

August is the beginning of celery season in New York. From now through October you can head to local farm stand and enjoy fresh grown celery. Stuff it with cheese or peanut butter. Or better yet put it alongside your favorite plate of wings. It really says something about the popularity of a veggie when it comes with something like Buffalo Chicken wings. I realize carrots often get a place on the plat too but no one ever serves wings without celery.

It is almost fitting that August kicks off celery season in New York. After all it is also the unofficial start of football season and what would foot ball be without wings that have to have celery. The timing is perfect. Of course celery is good in lots of other dishes as well, I can't image chicken soup without celery. Or chicken salad for that matter and speaking of salads what would a salad be without the crunch of little celery bits in every bite.

I am guilty of over looking celery when I am contemplating veggies for a meal. The funny part about that is if your actually start looking at all the things that have celery in it. And although it may seem like just a big stirrer in a Bloody Mary I have never seen anyone not take a bit as they enjoy one of america's favorite adult breakfast beverages at a local brunch.

Celery Fun Fact it was used as table decoration in the Victorian Era. People would put it in tall stemmed vases in the centers of their tables to add greenery.

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