As Thanksgiving approaches and the weather gets colder, it is getting harder and harder to avoid the carbs when it comes to comfort food. I am sure that fruits and veggies are not at the top of our minds right now, but the truth is, we still have some in season, and with the right recipe they are going to taste delicious.

According to The Spruce Eats, we still have quite a few fruits and vegetables we can get fresh in New York in November. They may not be your favorites, but with the right recipe, you may find that they are really tasty. I have mouth-watering recipes for five of the selections you can still find this time of year.

Five Recipes That Will Have You Eating Your November Fruits and Vegetables.

1 - Broccoli - It is not everyone's favorite but add some garlic and lemon along with some parmesan cheese and you will have a whole new outlook on the brushy green veggie. Check this recipe from The Stay At Home Chef.

2 - Cauliflower - This veggie happens to be one of my favorites. A bottle of Ranch Style dressing and raw cauliflower and I am a happy camper. Recently though I had my first ever Cauliflower wings and now there is no turning back. If you want to turn a weird veggie into comfort food without opening a can of cheese check out this recipe I found from Tasty. Watch to the end they throw in a few bonus ideas.

3 - Cranberries - This recipe uses fresh frozen cranberries but if you look around your local grocery you should be able to find some that are farm fresh and ready to cook into this fantastic sauce that Tyler Florence is sharing through the Food Network.

4 - Beets - This little veggie can often be overlooked. Not only is this recipe from Cambeau Kitchen delicious but there are some helpful tips to keep the beets from staining your kitchen. Beets might not be your go-to veggie but this recipe may have you rethinking the beet as something tasty for your winter meals.

5 - Brussels sprouts - They don't have that bad of a wrap now that so many people figured out how to cook them with bacon. However, there are some other options you should know about. This recipe video from Downhiftology not only tells us how to spell Brussels sprouts correctly but also gives us 6 flavor variations for our sprouts and yes one includes bacon.

So here is to hope that you can make some cold-weather comfort foods out of some items that are good for you. It will also give you a reason to keep going to our Hudson Valley farmer's markets until they close for the season.

Here are some hearty cocktail ideas to go with your veggies

Hudson Valley Cocktails for Cold Weather

This is just a sample of some of the hearty cocktails you can find at your favorite Hudson Valley restaurant or bar this time of year. As we discover more we will add to the list.

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