photo from Kingston Police Department Facebook Post
photo from Kingston Police Department Facebook Post
It seems to be a re-occurring theme this spring, mother nature in distress and someone comes to the rescue. This past Saturday that was the case according to the Kingston Police Department's Facebook page. Over the weekend the office pictured above assisted in helping this fawn reunited with it's mom after it had gotten itself stuck in a crevice.
The Facebook post from the Kingston Police says that they received an email today telling the story of the rescue. A local resident who was unnamed was apparently woken up by the sound of a baby deer calling out. Turns out it had gotten trapped in a former quarry at the foot of Burgevin and Pearl Streets on Saturday. According to the information supplied in the post it took several hours to locate the small animal whose Mother was standing close by.
Below is the text from the Facebook post telling the story of how Officer Dobrinski along with the resident were able to reach and recover the fawn and successfully reunited it with it's Mom.

"It took several hours of following the sound and finally locating the fawn, which was in the crevice on one side of a barbed wire fence several feet above the road, the doe, his mother, on the other. As the resident approached, the bleating stopped and as he looked down he saw the fawn in a narrow opening, a few of feet below, unable to get itself free. He called the Kingston Police and Officer Dan Dobrinski responded to the scene. Officer Dobrinski donned a pair of gloves, got down on all fours and managed to free the little guy). Officer Dobrinski and the resident then lifted the bottom of the fence and the fawn scuttled back to his mom. Officer Dobrinski and the resident rigged the chain link so the little explorer couldn't get back to the wrong side of the fence."


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