How should "B" handle his dilemma?

Every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we turn the show over to one listener and whatever issue they are dealing with in their life. We call it "We Gotcha Wednesday" and once a week we grab an email from a fellow Wolf listener who is looking for some advice with something going on in their life. Think of it as a trip to the therapists office with no copay!

This weeks email comes from "B" who delivers pizza here in the Hudson Valley and he's looking for some help in dealing with a flirty customer from the other day. Here is what he wrote us,

"I work part-time and and also deliver pizzas. My last delivery the other night was to an attractive lady that started flirting with me. I flirted back and felt a connection, but didn’t act on it or get a phone number. I just kind of stood there looking stupid, thinking she was going to invite me in. But she didn't. And then I just left. Now I'm thinking about stopping by again. I mean, I know where she lives, right? Would it be creepy to drop in tonight or at least soon unannounced? Should I go for it? Or let it go?"

I think an unannounced drop by is NEVER A GOOD IDEA!! I know that I don't want one, even from people I know..LOL, so I can't image this woman would appreciate it, right? We got some great advice from you guys today including, Patty who said maybe write a little note with your number to her and leave it in her mailbox and she if she responds.

Gladys texted us through the Wolf app and put a whole other spin on it. She said, "What if she was flirting cuz boyfriend/husband was not home. And he answers the door when you go back... ugh Wait till she orders pizza again!! Best of luck!"

OMG!! I hope that's not the case but think the note idea is the best advice so far. Got any advice for "B"? Call or text us through the Wolf mobile app.

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