Living in the Hudson Valley is nice but one of the downfalls is the price of gas.  New York state as a whole has always been expensive on gas.  People would drive to Jersey or PA every chance they had so they could save about $.20 a gallon on gas.

That has since changed.  PA is now about $.30 a gallon more expensive than NY.  I can't speak for everywhere but in Scranton, PA on Wednesday it was $2.99 a gallon and in the Hudson Valley the average was about $2.79.  In some place, the cost of gas in the HV was $2.75 and in places like Scranton and surrounding areas of PA the cost was as high as $3.05 a gallon.

I mean, it's still not at the $4.00 mark that it was about 10 years ago and let's hope it never gets that high again but finally, we can say we don't have the highest gas prices in the tri-states.


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