Preservation League of New York State has handed out it grants for 2021. Almost $300,000 was awarded to 32 applicants in 25 counties. 7 Hudson Valley Locations have been selected to receive money totaling over $50,000 by Preserve New York.

Preserve New York was established in 1993. It makes available funds through a grant process for historical structure reports, building condition reports, cultural landscape reports and cultural resource surveys.

The Hudson Valley with it's rich history and architecture in towns like Kingston, Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck along with others has been awarded grants in the past from Preserve New York. (Click here for a list of past grant awards)

Grants can range from $3,000 to $10,000 and every organization that applies is required to match a portion with their own funding. This year's Hudson Valley grant winners are listed below.

Dutchess County

Picasa - Howland Cultural Center via Facebook May 17 2021

Howland Cultural Center - 477 Main Street in Beacon has been granted $10,000. The Howland Cultural Center will be receiving it's grant money for a building condition report. The center is often referred to as 'The Jewel of Beacon,'  according to their information on Facebook. It also mentions their that it is on the National Register of Historic Places since 1973.

Greene County

Hudson-Athens Lighthouse via Facebook 8-19-2021

Hudson- Athens Light - Hudson River in Athens has been granted $10,000. The grant was awarded to help with a building condition report. The lighthouse is one of seven lighthouses along the Hudson River according to their Facebook page and happens to be the one that is the farthest north. The Hudson-Athens Lighthouse Preservation Society has owned the lighthouse since 1984. The grant article mentions that various things including 147 years of weather has caused it to needs "significant restoration, both above and below the water line."

Orange County

Brookside Ave Chester via Google

Chester Historical Society - 45 Main Street in Chester has been granted $5,200 to hire a firm to survey and prepare a National Registry nomination for a piece of property that once was home to William Alfred Lawrence a famous cheese entrepreneur. the grant was present to the Chester Historical Society who promotes Chester’s rich heritage by the preserving its historical places, artifacts, recordings among other things according to their Facebook description.

Putnam County (Two Grants Awarded)

Town of Carmel Historical Society Old town hall - 40 Mcalpin Ave in Mahopac was granted $6,200 to help pay for a building condition report. Their building built in 1905 was originally the Town Hall and has some issues that the report will investigate and propose possible solutions.

Old Town Hall, Brewster NY via Facebook Jan 11 2016

Town of Southeast Cultural Arts Coalition  was awarded $9,600. The Southeast Old Town Hall is located on Main Street in Brewster. It has been awarded it's grant to pay for a building condition report. Built in 1896 and having been used over it's years for various purposes including a government center and courthouse it is now an arts center with a theatre, a ballroom and more. It is on the National Register of Historical Places. The report will help in restoring the building to it's full potential as it is important to the revitalization of downtown Brewster.

Ulster County (Two Grants Awarded)

Jewish Federation of Ulster County - Reher Bakery - 99 -101 Broadway in Kingston. The grant for $9,440 was awarded to the Jewish Federation of Ulster County will be used to have a revised and expanded Historical Structure Report completed. The building has much historical significance to the area and current is home to the Reher Center for Immigration Culture and History.

Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild via Facebook 4-17-16

Woodstock Guild of Craftsman, Inc. Byrdcliffe Arts Colony - 34 Tinker Street in Woodstock received a $5,750 grant to have a building condition report done for Barzin which according to the Preserve New York is just one of 25 buildings on the colony campus. The Byrdcliffe Arts Colony sit just outside Woodstock. It is 1500 acres and in 1903 had a total of 30 building when it was completed. It was designed as the perfect Arts and Craft Community and was the brain child of Ralph and Jane Whitehead.

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