Everyone has a favorite coffee shop and cafe that they enjoy visiting.

Your favorite neighborhood cafe may know you by name, remember your drink order and be a space where you feel welcomed and calm.

There's something about slowing down, being in the present moment and enjoying a warm beverage that can make us feel more relaxed in this busy world.

As we support local businesses here in the Hudson Valley, we may also come across other customers who enjoy similar interests and the same cafe as well.

Have You Heard Of This Unique Cafe In The Hudson Valley?

A unique cafe opened their doors in the Hudson Valley in 2021. They take pride in assisting others with their learning experience and personal growth.

The Giving Tree Cafe had their official opening on April 7, 2021 at 8am. This Orange County, NY cafe provides a safe space for all who enter.

The Giving Tree Cafe Is Located In Orange County, NY

The Giving Tree Cafe is located in Newburgh, NY. The cafe has former educators who understand the importance of promoting knowledge. They hope to encourage those who visit to learn and read more.

The Giving Tree Cafe encourages the community to expand their knowledge and read. They had an event where there were 15 books for sale for $10 for adults and now children can get 25 kids books for only $10 as well.

Children can choose the bag of books that they want.

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What Does The Giving Tree Cafe Bring To The Hudson Valley?

The Giving Tree is more than a cafe, they offer different services for the community. Tutoring options and youth reading sessions are available in Newburgh, NY.

There is an indoor treehouse for kids to experience and a cozy fireplace to curl up next to with one of your favorite books in a relaxing atmosphere. They look forward to providing the community with a space to not only hang out but to study and read as well.

It's exciting that the Hudson Valley has a welcoming space where guests can sip on some of their favorite hot drinks such as chai lattes and CBD tea and coffee.

The Giving Tree Cafe's cold drinks range from iced lattes to frappes and more. Mango Madness, Wild Berry and additional smoothies are made on site. 

Kids drink options are also available. Breakfast sandwiches, paninis and homemade goodies are available. 

What Events Have Taken Place At The Giving Tree Cafe In Newburgh, NY?

The Giving Tree Cafe has had events in the past such as trivia, live music, karaoke, reiki circle event, open mic night and more.

They have an upcoming chalk painting event on Sunday, November 19, 2023 at 2pm.

"Chalk Painting event! Over 50 stencils to choose from!!

$22 per person


Please let us know ahead of time to be sure we have the space and proper amount of supplies!


Swipe to see some of the options!"

As of August 2023, their new hours for the Giving Tree Cafe are Tuesday through Friday from 7am-2pm.

Saturday hours at The Giving Tree Cafe are from 12pm-7pm and the Sunday hours are from 12pm until 5pm.

The Giving Tree Cafe

136 Lake St Suite 2, Newburgh, NY 12550

Have you heard of The Giving Tree Cafe before?  Will you visit this location? Share more with us below.

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