We are carving!

Halloween is almost here and we are doing everything we can to get in the Halloween spirit and what better way to do it, then by carving some pumpkins.

We decided that we needed to have an official pumpkin of the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show and to do that we got ourselves a fat pumpkin from Barton Orchards and Jess got us some carving tools from CVS and the results were, well PRICELESS....

I gotta be honest, it didn't come out half bad right? At least we spelled our names correctly. LOL!

If you have already carved a pumpkin this year, we would love to see your masterpiece. If you can snap a quick picture of your pumpkin and send it to us either by email, cj@hudsonvalleycountry.com or you can post your picture to our Facebook page.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween and remember if you have any left over candy at your house, you can always mail or drop off and nice candy care package for your friends here at 943/973 The Wolf.

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