Ah, Mother's day that wonderful second Sunday in May when we all stop down to honor our Mother. Even if you are like me and Mom is gone you probably still have many fond memories of Mother's day. You may even still have a tradition or two. And if I asked you who started mother's day would you know? So where did it all get started and Why?

The first place I guess we could start is by explaining that Mother's Day was not dreamt up by a candy shop, a florist, or even a restaurant. Nope, according to tho the Farmer's Almanac Mother's day has an even more amazing reason for its existence. Hard to believe it isn't all about Hallmark cards and brunch.

Who Invented Mother's Day and How.

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According to the Farmer's Almanac the first Mother's day was planned quite simply as a way to honor the Mother of the creator of the day. Anne M. Jarvis is the person who is said to have invented this special day.  Anne live from 1864 to 1948 and her mother passed away in 1905.

The year after her mom died she invited friends to a Sunday church service in May which was set up to honor her mother. It was the following year that she repeated the gesture but this time-honored all the other Mothers in the congregation.

Farmer's Almanac Reveals Origin of Mother's Day

You can read on about it in the article published by the Farmer's Almanac but simply put it grew into a celebration that later became a recognized holiday now known as Mother's Day. So even though the candy, the cards, and a trip to brunch weren't part of the original day they are all now so grab mom and enjoy all of them this Sunday.

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