Some people spend their Sundays getting ready for the "big game" by cooking, making sure that the beer cooler is stocked and that there will be plenty of seats for all their people to be able to sit right in front of the TV for the game. I did not make it to "my designated couch location" until 5pm. The reason? It was 45 degrees... The snow was melted and it was warm enough to be outside with a fleece and no coat. So when a friend mentioned that they had wine barrel planters that they did not want any more, and that I could have them, I just had to move them. (Aka FREE!) I said, "let's do this". Of course, it was just me moving them. Each one requiring me to shovel 8 buckets of dirt out of each one. How come dirt is so heavy? And there is so much of it in "one little barrel"?

Was the end result worth it? I think so. But when I get home today (and for the next couple of days) I will be looking at them through their new covering of snow.

Very happy that I moved them on what has been so far, the warmest day of the year.