Is your family weird?

I think we all know or have a weird family that we all look at sometimes with that look of, what are they thinking. Now I don't mean that is a bad way but I think a lot of families have weird rules or things that they do that some people think is different.

I know in my house growing up we had a few "rules" that we followed that some people might think are a little out of the ordinary. Like we never, ever used the front door and if we did my mom would yell at us. She would always yell because where the front door was, there was carpet right at the entrance way and she didn't want it to get dirty.

Another big rule growing up was that when we sat down to eat dinner as a family we were never allowed to put our elbows on the table. If you were caught with your elbows on the table you would either have them knocked off by my step dad or if you were a repeat offender, like me, you would lose dessert and as a kid was the most devastating thing that could happen.

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