What name do you think we should go with?

Last week we kicked off a month of winning, with a chance for you guys to win cash with the Wolf Cash Cow Code Word contest. After a full week of winners including, Denise, Leo, Courtney and a bunch more, we have come across a bit of a dilemma.

We have no name for our cash cow!!! Most people that have a pet, have a name for it, right? The cash cow is our resident pet for the next few weeks, so we have to have a name for it. We've decided after a bit of deliberation that the cow is a female...because only a female cow could be this giving and generous, LOL!

We've come up with a little list of suggestions from "cash cow" fans across the Hudson Valley. Here is what we have to choose from....


Thank you to everyone who called and texted in their suggestions, it did take us a while to narrow our list of choices down to six, so we are going to choose from the six we have....LOL!! What name should we go with? Once we tally the votes, we will update this story with "her" new name.

Call or text us your choice through the Wolf mobile app, and make sure you're listening all week long from 8 a.m. through 5 p.m. for code words that will give you a chance to win cash, we are talking up to $10,000, with our "yet to be named" Cash Cow on 97.7/97.3 The Wolf.

How To Play With the Wolf Cash Cow

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