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We got talking on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show this morning about that Lil Nas X song "Old Town Road". If you don't know the song, he raps in it about riding his horse, until he can't ride anymore and it got me thinking about getting hurt by animals.

I've heard stories from people about how they have been thrown off horses before and I never realized how badly some people have gotten hurt from riding a horse.

Both Jess and I have ridden horses before. Thank goodness neither of us has ever been thrown off of one but both of us have been bitten by a dog before.

Has an animal ever hurt you? Jess said that when she was younger her dog bit her once and broke the skin and she did admit that it was probably her fault. As she said, "I was probably being a jerk and deserved it." LOL

I also got bit by a dog back when I was like 17. My friend Todd had a big dog -- I think it was a lab her name was "Mercy" -- anyway, I remember going to his house one afternoon when he wasn't home and the dog came running from the back of the house and I was like "Hey Mercy, good dog" and before I knew it Mercy was attached to my right thigh and wouldn't let go. Such a bad bite, hurts to even talk about. LOL.

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