A grocery store has announced they are removing all self-checkouts leaving many New Yorkers wondering if New York grocery stores should be next.

There's one thing that's been a hot topic for anyone who spends any time shopping in most stores across New York and beyond. It's the problem many of us deal with once we've finished shopping and we make our way to the front of the store to check out.


Cashier or Self Checkout?

We've said it a thousand times!! Self-checkouts DO work in some stores but if you haven't noticed yet many stores have gone too far and don't offer customers a choice anymore because many of them will only have one human cashier aisle open and the self-checkout. The lack of humans has left many shoppers frustrated leading one grocery store to announce they are eliminating self-checkouts at their stores.


Grocery Store Removing Self Checkouts

Normally we don't suggest following something that's being done outside of the U.S. but in this case, I think the folks at the Booth's grocery store chain might be on to something as they have announced something big! They have officially confirmed that they are removing all self-checkout lanes in all of their 28 stores in and around England according to the New York Post. The popular British grocery store began offering customers self-checkouts around 6 years ago but now has made the decision to remove them.


Why Remove Self-Checkouts?

Booths managing director Nigel Murray told a U.K. publication The Grocer,

"We’re not great fans of self-checkouts. We pride ourselves on great customer service and you can’t do that through a robot."

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Another Booth spokesperson told The Guardian,

"We have based this not only on what we feel is the right thing to do but also having received feedback from our customers. Delighting customers with our warm northern welcome is part of our DNA and we continue to invest in our people to ensure we remain true to that ethos."

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Around the Hudson Valley many stores are going the other way and offering more self-checkout lanes than humans so this move has come as a surprise to many but could the store be on to something? If a store was to remove self-checkouts would it lead to you shopping at that store more? Does it matter to you? Let us know through our station app above.

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