In the world of baseball, where superstitions and rituals hold as much sway as statistics and strategies, rich with superstitions, from Wade Boggs and his famous Pregame Chicken Ritual  To Announcers avoiding any mention of a no-hitter in progress for fear of jinxing it.

In the midst of this backdrop, the New York Mets  recently found themselves in an unexpected winning streak. It all began on a whimsical June day last week  in Queens, when Grimace, the beloved purple mascot from McDonald's, made a special appearance at Citi Field to celebrate his birthday month and threw the ceremonial first pitch.


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Grimace's pitch wasn't exactly textbook—given his short arms and rotund physique, it was more spectacle than precision. Nevertheless, amidst the amusement of fans and players alike, something clicked. The Mets triumphed over the Miami Marlins that day, sparking a streak that now lasted an impressive seven consecutive victories.

  The Mets' sudden turnaround has sparked speculation and celebration. Major League Baseball and Mets' social media playfully credit this streak to the "Grimace era," while even ESPN has dedicated airtime to ponder the mascot's newfound influence. Mets outfielder Brandon Nimmo acknowledged Grimace's role, attributing the team's recent success to a renewed sense of fun and camaraderie.


However, not everyone agrees. Critics like WFAN's Sal Licata argue that the team's achievements should stand on their own merit, dismissing Grimace's involvement as trivializing the Mets' accomplishments.

Yet, amidst the debates and detractors, one thing is clear: Grimace, with his whimsical charm and unexpected cameo, has injected joy and “Shake” into the Mets' season. Whether it's luck, a morale boost, or simply coincidence, the purple icon has become an unlikely symbol of hope for Mets fans everywhere.

The Mets 7-0 Win streak came to an untimely end Wednesday night as the fell to the Texas Rangers 3-5. HOWEVER! They still are the owners of a 5-0 streak at Citi Field and Have won their LAST 3 SERIES. after trouncing the Marlins , Padres and Now the Rangers. 


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