There are a few things that I insist on doing around my house now that the calendar officially says that it is Spring. Every year I go through the same process and every year I realize I am a few weeks to early.

I actually heard the peepers tonight which always gets me thinking that I can start all those Spring projects I have been waiting to do all Winter. But the reality is I really need to wait about two more weeks. Getting to far ahead of yourself with the Spring projects can often lead to frustration and you missing out on the best part of Spring, the beginning.

We just came through a very snowy February, we are owed nice weather so why not enjoy it. Instead of stacking up all the projects and running at them head on. Why not take the next week or two to enjoy the sun being out, the days being longer and reward yourself with doing nothing but relaxing.

The three things I always try to start to early are probably the same three things your are thinking about.

One: The Garden - as warm as it has been the last week or so there is still a chance for a frost so don't uncover those plants just yet. Give them a few more weeks of warmth under those dead fall leaves.

Photo by Filip Urban on Unsplash

Two: The Closet - You maybe tempted to put away all those winter clothes. Truth is you probably don't need them anymore but why are you going to make that the first thing you do on a beautiful spring day. Save the closet cleaning for one of those April showers brings May flowers days we are bound to get plenty of in April.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Three: Leaving a Window Open - opening a window for some fresh air for a few hours is one thing, but actually leaving them open only causes your house to get cold as soon as the sun goes down. That then results in you having to turn the heater back on.

Photo by william santos on Unsplash

If you have cabin fever and you are antsy to get out why not go for a drive.

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