Every year when the weather starts warming up I get excited to do outdoor projects. I make a big list of things I am going to get done over the early summer so that I can enjoy most of the summer without having to worry about spending my weekends tied up with chores.

The plan always starts off well but then somewhere in the middle I get tripped up and find myself still working on things well into August. This year I have vowed that it will be different. I have decided that I am not going to have multiple projects going at the same time I think that is where I go wrong.

So here is my plan and you are welcome to steal it for yourself.

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First, Gardening

The first thing I am going to do is decide what I am planning and then I am going to Wallkill View Farm Market to get the plants and putting them in as soon as I get them. I have a tendency to leave them in the pots and then they never get planted resulting in me watering a lot of potted plants.

Small townhouse perennial summer garden

Next, Set Up the Patio and Outdoor Furniture

As the temperatures warm up you will want to take time out to enjoy the better weather. Make sure you have organized your outdoor living space. There is a satisfaction to that and it gives you a place to relax in between getting everything else done.

Couple Clearing Garage For Yard Sale Laughing

Then, Clean the Garage

My garage has gotten completely out of control. We are now at the point where we have to pull things out to put things in, It is time to clean out some junk. A dumpster would make it a quick easy job but I need to make sure I have lost track of anything I might want to keep so sorting will be important. Therefore, no dumpster. We will be doing this one bag at a time.

Wide view of suburban yard sale
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Finally, Hold a Yard Sale

Once I have the garage organized it will be time for a yard sale. I haven't held one in years so it will definitely be worth the trip for folks who need stuff for their garage. Honestly, I don't think there is a single thing in my garage anyone would buy but I will try it anyway.

Then once you are done, treat yourself to dinner out.

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