In the midst of all the sad news last week, there was a moment to smile. Nationally and internationally there are so many things that have our attention I wanted to make sure you didn't miss this happy reunion.

It may not seem like an important news moment in light of everything that has been going on in the world and in America but for one Hudson Valley family and many hard-working people, last week had a happy ending. It may have taken three months but they did it, they brought Fluffy home.

Fluffy the Dog on the Run in Dutchess County For 3 Months Home Safe

Back in August, I helped get the word out about Fluffy the Dog who had gotten lost in Dutchess County back in July spending countless weeks on the run. Fluffy had recently been rescued from the streets and was with a group hoping to find a forever home for him when Fluffy got lost from a foster home.

Fluffy's adventure caused quite a stir in Dutchess County. This street-smart mutt was crisscrossing the county and efforts to bring Fluffy in met many challenges. At one point Fluffy was spotted living near a gas station which meant people who weren't familiar with Fluffy's story were helping in all the wrong ways.

Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley via Facebook
Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley via Facebook

In August word spread around that there was a group working to earn Fluffy's trust but at the same time, it was important that no one chase, try to catch, or even feed Fluffy. This had many concerned but everyone was assured this was part of the process to get Fluffy back home.

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By the middle of September, I will admit I had even forgotten to check in on Fluffy's story. Luckily the people trying to rescue Fluffy hadn't let up. The weird thing is early last week Fluffy crossed my mind and I thought whatever happened with Fluffy?

Which brings us up to the end of last week. Crate Escape Rescue, Inc. posted to Facebook that Fluffy was home and safe. According to the post, it had been exactly three months that Fluffy was on the run. They had many to thank and were very grateful for everyone's help.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” has always been our motto, and we have never believed in it more than we do tonight. Over the past 3 months so, so, so many of you have rallied around this boy and bringing him home. Our list of thank yous is long, but if you know any of these people, businesses, or local authorities please take the time to thank them on behalf of Fluffy. (via Crate Escape Rescue, Inc. Facebook)

See the complete list of thank yous they posted here.

Fluffy is now officially home. If you wish to donate to help find lost pets consider one of these organizations. Crate Escape Rescue Inc., Lost Pets of the Hudson Valley, or locate your local SPCA.

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