As many of you may already know a vast majority of our Hudson Valley fire departments are volunteer firehouses. This means they count on their communities to come forward and be part of the fire department.

The Firefighters Association of the State of New York (FASNY) is bringing attention to the need for volunteers during the first two weeks of April. There is a spotlight on Volunteer recruitment from April 1 through the 14th, 2024.

New York State Volunteer Fire Department Recruitment

The focus will start with FASNY asking New York businesses and residents to display a red light in solidarity. They want to light up New York State Red from Monday, April 1st through Sunday, April 14th. Red light bulbs even red Christmas lights displayed will send the message.

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On Saturday, April 13th, and Sunday, April 14th Volunteer firehouses all around New York will open their doors to the community so that they can stop by and learn about the volunteer opportunities at their local firehouse. The goal is to increase firehouse membership.

Why Are People and Businesses Putting Up Red Lights in April

The Fire Up NY Red will coincide with the volunteer recruitment. It is the hope that people will turn their lights red and help send the message of volunteering throughout New York.


“We are excited to ‘fire up’ the state red this April for firefighter recruitment,” said FASNY President Edward Tase, Jr. “We’re working with state and local officials to get some of our biggest landmarks involved. But we are also hoping that all New Yorkers will join us and turn their lights red in support of this initiative.” (FASNY Press Release March 22, 2024)


Volunteer Firefighter Maltese Cross
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New York Volunteer Firefighter Recruitment in April

Volunteering is more important than ever, Many departments throughout the state of New York have seen decreased membership while calls have increased. There is an estimate that says that there are 40,000 fewer volunteer firefighters than there were in 2004. Departments attribute this to the economy, busy lives, and schedules along with lifestyle factors.

Gardiner Fire House via Google Maps
Gardiner Fire House via Google Maps

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Share your Fire Up NY Red photos at and be sure to stop in at your local fire department to see how you can volunteer.

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