As you know I like to keep my eye on our local fire departments so that I can let you know what they have going on. Any opportunity to get the word out about a fundraiser or other community event they are holding is my goal. This week I was lucky enough to find a post that I believe at this point has gone viral.

On Monday night the White Lake Fire Company in Sullivan County posted a video that has "gone viral". It has over 5.5 K reactions and at least 144K views.

What Made the White Lake Fire Company Line Dance in Their Gear

A group of firefighters from White Lake Fire Company decided to put on their gear and get dancing. They filmed themselves line dancing to the Cotton-eyed Joe and let me tell you they didn't miss a beat.

White Lake Fire Company via Facebook
White Lake Fire Company via Facebook

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I had to reach out to find out more. They got back to me and shared that it wasn't rehearsed or even practiced. Apparently, many of them are familiar with a lot of line dances so they just put on the gear, turned on the camera, and off they went.

I had to know why they did it, was it just for fun? They called it an "Epic Night" in their post with the video and told me it was part of a fitness challenge for firefighters called the Sullivan 180 Healthiest Firefighter Challenge which is in its second year. From the looks of the video, I am going to say this group is pretty fit.

White Lake Fire Company via Facebook
White Lake Fire Company via Facebook

We want to do something that other departments have not done. This was alot of fun to get our members involved, up and moving. By doing it in our turnout gear with air packs on makes us better at what we do. These dances are not easy without gear on you can imagine how strenuous it is with all of our equipment.  (White Lake Fire Company via Facebook Messager)


Watch the White Lake Fire Company Dance in their Gear for Fitness Challenge

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