According to police, they received a complaint of shots fired and are currently investigating what happened.

Let me tell you, it's never settling when a big post that says "ATTENTION" from the police comes across your Facebook page, especially late at night. Last night the Village of Walden Police Department put up a post on Facebook and went into detail about a reported incident that took place. They also shared that they were actively investigating the incident.

What frightening incident recently took place in Walden, NY?

Police say they are currently investigating a shots fired complaint that occurred on Seely Street in the village. The Village of Walden Police mentioned that they are also receiving assistance and help from the Village of Montgomery Police and New York State Police on the matter.

What do the police know so far about the alleged incident that took place in Walden, NY?

The Village of Walden Police did mention and assure everyone that all suspects and persons of interest have been accounted for.


Police mentioned that they are working diligently on this case and will provide more information and updates as they gather more information. The Village of Walden Police Department also wanted to thank the public for their help and cooperation.

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A big thank you to the Village of Walden Police for their hard work and all their efforts. We will keep you updated as details come out.

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How safe is Walden, NY?

Since we are talking about safety and the area of Walden, Walden, NY is a number 39 out of a hundred for safety and is safer than 39% of US Cities.

According to data, the best parts of Walden to live in are Berea/Coldenham, Village Center, and Walden West. If you're in Walden, you have a 1 in 1,698 chance of being a victim of a violent crime and the rate for New York State is 1 in 233. Click here for even more details on the crime rates in Walden.

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