We are down to the wire on this season of The Voice and I have yet to make a prediction on who I think will win. I was able to predict season 9 and 10 successfully and I was hoping to go three for three. However, being that I didn't pick someone during the blinding auditions it doesn't seem right to chime in now but I will. Everyone left for the semi-finals is amazingly talented. It isn't easy to chose but I think I can make a pick.

I am not going to call it a victory if I actually pick the winner of season 11 after all there are only 8 performers left and any one of them could win it all. But I must cast a vote and I am impressed with three people who are left for the semi-finals this week. I have no doubt they will make it to the finals next week. In case you haven't been watching click here to see everyone who is not moving on to the semi-finals.

As it stands now Team Adam has 3 members left, Team Miley and Team Alicia have two each and Blake is down to one team member who may be the big winner.

So here is how I am calling the top three after the finals.

In Third Place from Team Adam will be Brendan Fletcher

In Second Place from team Alicia - We' McDonald


And the winner - Team Blake and Sundance Head

ICYMI - Performance of the season goes to Dolly.

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