Nothing goes better on a hot summer day in my opinion than a cold beer.  Actually, it goes great with baseball, football, hanging with friends, sitting by the fire basically everything.

I have always said that Billy Currington's 'Pretty Good At Drinking Beer' has my name all over it.  If I could only pay the bills by doing it, life would be that much better.

Well, life may just be getting better.

Keystone Light wants to pay your rent for a year!  OK so they won't actually pay it but they will give you a check for $12,000 so you can pay it.

They are trying to help out the recent college graduates that have spent all of their money on tuition.

13 winners will receive the 'free rent' check of $12,000 and 150 winners will receive the 'Adult Transition Pack' consisting of:

  • Inflatable Keystone Light Chair
  • Keystone Light shower curtain
  • Hawaiian style shirt
  • 'Canelier' light made of Keystone Light cans

I'm not much of a Keystone Light beer drinker but this seems awesome!

Enter to win HERE

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