It's been a difficult year for fans of Dragon's Den, the popular local game store that acted as a hub for all things nerdy. The store was shut down last April due to tax issues, then moved from its longtime location in Poughkeepsie Plaza to Cambridge Commons in Wappingers. Finally, in January, the store announced that it was closing up for good on February 28th.

Things seemed bleak, but now it looks like Dragon's Den will live on after all. The store has been purchased by a new owner, Mike Cammarota, and his plan is to re-open the store as early as March 11th. Cammarota has been a customer at Dragon's Den since 2013, and felt the store was a staple of the Hudson Valley that he "personally can't just let die."

While the sale is finalized, the store will remain closed for renovations that will allow more seating and space for the activities and events the store takes part in. Cammarota wants the store to have an increased focus on community events, such as partnerships with local charities or art displays.

Dragon's Den has been a longtime haven for geeks in the Hudson Valley to find others like them who share their passions. It's been through a lot of changes over the last year, but this seems to be the beginning of a new, exciting chapter for the store.

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