Imagine the awful feeling of being on the brink of eviction.....Now imagine being saved at the last minute by an anonymous donation!

That's exactly what happened to folks that were on the brink of eviction in Hudson, New York according to News 10. Some tenants at the Bliss Towers apartment complex in Hudson were facing eviction because of New York’s eviction moratorium ending in January and thankfully can now breathe a sigh of relief thanks to one anonymous person who donated $60,000 to cover their overdue rent.

Saved From Becoming Homeless

The donation was made through a Black-led housing justice group called the Hudson-Catskill Housing Coalition for tenants at the Hudson Housing Authority according to News 10. The anonymous donation saved many from having to find a new place to live and possibly becoming homeless. Coalition Senior Policy Advisor Quintin Cross told News 10, "If folks are evicted from (HHA), we know they’re homeless after that—they have no place else to go."


How Will the $60,000 Be Distributed?

The $60,000 donation will benefit residents at Bliss Towers Apartments and according to the Hudson Housing Authority's temporary executive director Nick Zachos, 50 lease-holders will benefit from the large donation. Zachos said that the coalition asked that all outstanding rents be paid off with the donation instead of holding a special selection process. The donation will cover rent amounts that range from a few hundred to a thousand dollars.

Help in Ulster & Dutchess Counties

If you are struggling with paying for things like housing, food, and child care in Dutchess County, the Department of Community and Family Services can help. Get more information on programs here. Social services can help in Ulster County, get information on programs here.

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