Here's a stress-free 14 day home for your Elf on the Shelf with step by step building instructions.

If your like many families across the country and welcome an Elf on the Shelf into your house around the holidays this year might be a little more stressful than years past with COVID and all. Some families might be worried about him/her moving safely around your house during COVID, so we found a way to keep your elf safe during the coronavirus holiday's.

Now I can't take credit for building the elf's quarantine house, that goes to my girlfriend Allison, as she was assembling it at my house over the weekend. I woke up Sunday morning and she was sitting at the table in the kitchen with a lantern, glue gun, some small fake trees and the smallest rolls of toilet paper I've ever seen and I asked her "what the heck are you doing?"

She says, "building a quarantine house for our elf on the shelf." She explained the idea and walked me through it. I took notes so I could share them with you guys. Here is what you'll need to get started:

Container - lantern/jar
Small fake Christmas tree
Fake snow
Mini LED light string (wrap the battery pack in wrapping paper to conceal it)
Fake snow
Mini toilet paper rolls (The mini toilet paper was made from an actual cardboard toilet paper roll that was cut into smaller pieces and taped into a tube shape. Then cut long strips of toilet paper and wrap them around the tube and leave the ends hanging at different lengths. Use a small dot of hot glue to keep them from unrolling.)

Hot glue the fake tree down to the bottom of the container to secure it.

Wrap the string of lights around the fake tree and cover the battery pack with wrapping paper to conceal it (put in the batteries first!) And cut a hold where the switch is. Tape the extra wire to the bottom of the package to hide it.

Sprinkle the fake snow on the bottom of the container and add your toilet paper rolls wherever you like.

Insert elf and relax for 14 days because your elf will be safely inside the house unable to move from place to place around your house! 😉😜😉 Our elf left a note and some sweet treats!

DIY Quarantine Elf on the Shelf House

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