Children are always coming up with creative ways to keep themselves entertained. They make up scenarios, their own games and their own rules from time to time. I think most people growing up had an imaginary friend. I know I did, I actually had two.


Don't ask me why, but their names were Alice and Jeffery. I vaguely remember playing with them, but my mother will tell you I used to blame all my outbursts and messes on them. Then one day they were just gone, according to my parents anyway. Recently, I've been hanging out with my godson who is only two and he'll be chatting away to no one in-particular and laughing out loud. Watching from afar, it seemed kind of spooky. I'm sure I probably freaked my parents out with my "imaginary friend" stories, it gives me chills to even think about.

Of course I had to google Imaginary Friends and BuzzFeed had a list (naturally) of "Creepy Things Kids Have Said About Their Imaginary Friends."  Did you have an imaginary friend growing up? Did your kids? Leave your Imaginary Friend stories on our Facebook page. CJ and I will get into it Friday morning.

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