The discussion about whether or not to vaccinate your child has become a huge topic lately but one NY county has made the decision easier.

Rockland County NY, effective today at midnight has increased their fight against measles and banned anyone under 18 that wasn't vaccinated for measles from any public place in the county.

They issued a state of emergency that will expire in 30 days but until that expires, if you are under 18 and not vaccinated and don't become vaccinated, you'll have to stay out because they will be requesting proof for entry.

153 confirmed cases of measles had been reported thru Tuesday, March 26th so the executive order went into effect.

For info on how this could or will affect the Hudson Valley, go HERE

Authorities say that police won't be actively looking for un-vaccinated kids but should they be discovered, the parents will be referred to the DA's office and face 6 months in jail and/or a $500 fine per child and incident.

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